Fertility Struggles

Many of us make the assumption that falling pregnant will be a simple and natural process. So when we discover the journey to be neither simple nor natural, there is a significant emotional impact on both the men and women involved. Currently 1 in 6 couples will experience fertility difficulties and half of these couples will go on to seek medical support. In addition to the physical implications of fertility treatments, couples will respond to the mental and emotional fertility journey both individually and as a couple. Emotions such as excitement and anticipation can be counterbalanced with emotions of loss, disappointment and fear. This can lead to greater feelings of anxiety and depression for both men and women.

Although to some, a month may not seem like a large measure of time, for couples struggling to grow their family unit, a month of consultations, testing, treatments and waiting can make for a very long and stressful time. If this leads to further months and possibly years of ongoing treatment, the emotional and psychological impact can be significant. It can help to seek support during this period to help support any anxious or depressive feelings that may be experienced by both men and women to be able to understand and process the responses we have to the experience as well as preparing for any upcoming or future treatments.

For other couples unfortunately a biological child may not be a possibility. This can be devastating. Families will naturally grieve the loss of what could have been.

If you feel you would benefit from assistance through your journey please contact us.