Online Appointment Booking

When booking online please note the following:

New clients: our standard process is to book 6 consultations at fortnightly intervals when making a first appointment in order to guarantee practitioner availability. These can be cancelled if the client feels the practitioner is not right for them and/or ongoing sessions are not required. If you prefer to book one appointment only, please be aware that there may be a delay in subsequent practitioner availability. We would much prefer to cancel future appointments than be unable to see someone again for a number of weeks, particularly if they require timely support. Feel free to book more than one appointment online. Please also be aware registration forms should be emailed to you within a week to bring with you to your first appointment.

Telehealth/ Zoom appointments: please indicate this in the notes box.

Child & adolescent clients: Please book appointment in the child's name rather than the parent (unless using a parent's Mental Health Care Plan). Please note Dr Katherine Reynolds only consults with those over 16 years.

Occupational Therapy: Is provided only by Ms Ali Taylor. She consults with families regarding social, emotional, behavioural, physical, toileting, eating and developmental concerns of children under 6 years.

Please note, not all practitioners are listed viaonline bookings due to their current wait times and our desire to provide timely appointments for clients. Please contact reception if you require an appointment with a practitioner who is not currently listed as available via online booking.

Please email for further information or for assistance with booking appointments: