Psychological Services for Adults

People commonly wonder “at what point should we seek help for this?”. The short answer is if an issue is causing you (or the people around you) distress, or it is impacting upon your ability to undertake your usual activities, it is likely that professional input can help.

All manner of concerns can impact our ability to undertake usual activities. This doesn’t mean we’re crazy! In fact, having the insight to seek therapeutic input when needed is a pretty good indication of sanity. Sometimes things just get on top of us and it can be useful to gain some input from a well trained professional as to how to manage stress or difficult events in our lives. Other times individuals may well suffer from concerns which would fit psychological diagnoses. A wide range of concerns are treatable with effective support. The following are some common concerns adult clients seek help from our service for:

Depression and poor mood

Lack of life direction

Anxiety, worry and panic attacks

Grief and bereavement

Sleep problems

Relationship concerns

Difficulty managing studies or work

Difficulty managing emotion

Body issues and eating concerns

Sometimes people come with goals of “Getting my head straight” or “working out what is going on with me”. In these instances the individuals can recognise something isn’t right but aren’t sure what – and that’s fine. Together we can identify what is getting in the way of being your usual self, or the self you’d like to be, and then develop a plan to work towards your goals.

BEYOND BLUE provide web based information regarding mental health, along with telephone and online support. Call 1300 224 636.


Of course sometimes individuals have psychiatric diagnoses attributed by themselves or others for which they require help. Many diagnoses which are not on the list below are also treatable. Common diagnoses of clients include:

Major Depression

Postnatal Depression

Bipolar Disorder

Adjustment Disorder

Anxiety Disorder

Panic Disorder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Eating Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Personality Disorder

LIFELINE offer online or telephone crisis support 24hrs. Call 13 11 14.


Please contact us on 7228 5363 for an appointment or further information.

Disclaimer: The above is presented for educational purposes only. Each individual is different. Please call 7228 5363 and make a time to discuss your own concerns.

If you are experiencing a crisis please call Mental Health Triage on 13 14 65 or go to your nearest emergency department.